Ampirical's 3-D Modeling & Flyby Capabilities
3-D Modeling & Intelligent Database 

3D design and visualization are revolutionizing the power industry. Full walk-through and fly-by capabilities ease design reviews and community approvals. Intelligent database architecture automates drawings and specifications while supporting precise material procurement. 

Ampirical is ahead of the wave in assembling component libraries for the transmission market from which integrated 3D models are built. 

Ampirical is the thought leader and subject matter expert that clients in the substation market are turning to as they begin to embrace CAD technology. 

Features of these technologies, such as automated tolerance and space verification, save design time and improve project quality and accuracy. 

Ampirical uses the latest 3D modeling, imaging animation and databases design technologies including: 
  • PDMS & Inventor (3D Substation Modeling)
  • WinIGS (3D Grounding Analysis)
  • STAAD (3D Structural Analysis Program)
  • Elecdes (Intelligent 2D Circuit Diagrams)
  • PLS-CADD (3D Transmission Line Design)
  • MFAD & LPILE (Foundation Design)
  • AutoCAD & MicroStation 
Our singular focus on the needs of the power industry, combined with our unique and cutting edge 3D modeling capability, results in innovative solutions, every time. 

PLS-CADD Capabilities 


PLS-CADD is an invaluable tool for sag-tension, terrain modeling, 3D engineering, structural modeling and plan and profile drafting. But it has other, even more powerful capabilities too. 

Ampirical, at the leading edge of 3D design for the power industry, has pushed beyond graphic modeling and well into the field of intelligent material databases and Bill of Material automation. 

Your standard framing drawings can be converted into a library of PLS-POLE models for steel, concrete and Method 1 (stick figure) structures at voltages from 69kV - 500kV.

Each .pol model includes a complete Bill of Materials from insulators and attachment hardware down to anchors, nuts, bolts and washers. 

The model even acknowledges the conductor size and automatically selects the right conductor-related parts. Change the conductor size in PLS-CADD and the BOM automatically adjusts the affected parts. Once your material libraries are built, new, retirement and existing units can be automated and listed. 

A Bill of materials can be crated for each structure or an entire system. Costs can be easily added for both material and labor. Plus, you can automatically integrate the data with your purchasing software through XML export.

Click below to view examples of Ampirical's 3-D Modeling and Fly-Bys:



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